L'Abbaye des Morts



Editing campaign for L'Abbaye des Morts (Megadrive/Genesis).

L'Abbaye des Morts (Megadrive/Genesis) campaign


    Welcome to the expansion of the campaign for the edition of L'Abbaye des Morts for Megadrive. The original campaign ended on October 9, but because many people found out later it was impossible to get a copy. In our first campaign we had the following conditions:

- Reach at least 50 Deluxe editions or else they would be all basic. We reached 123 units.

- Production time of minimum 4 weeks, then assemble and send.

For this second edition and because we have some extra material it would be:

- Minimum 40 Deluxe editions (reaching the minimum of 163 units of the total of Deluxes), from activation until December 11.

- Due to being Christmas in the middle, the shipment would be made after Christmas.

  The edition will be exactly the first, without having any difference in materials.


Welcome to the campaign to edit L'Abbaye des Morts for Megadrive. As you all must know, it is very expensive to produce small quantities of any product (imagine a single DVD of a movie or an exclusive book). A video game is not very different and in order to offer it at a competitive price you have to create a minimum quantity. PlayOnRetro does not have a profit (and neither economic resources to maintain a store with game stock) and from this game we will adopt the formula that you will decide if it will be published in standard format and/or deluxe edition. We will need a minimum of 40 extra Deluxe editions, if this goal is achieved, when the campaign is over, it will be produced (we commit ourselves to the start of every campaign absolutely everything is designed and ready to be manufactured) and is sent with much love. Otherwise this game will be published in basic format (PVC box, reversible cover, cartridge, booklet and a greetings postcard) and you will be paid the difference. Anyway the two editions will be available in the campaign if someone is not interested in the extras, but only count the Deluxe preorders for the goal of extra 40 units. 

The system is very simple, choose the games you want (with a maximum of 4 units per order, you can make as many orders as you like, of course) and do the order as a regular store, automatically are adjusted the shipping costs. In each campaign we will put previous games in Basic and/or Deluxe format (if any) so that you can acquire them. That is, now besides L'Abbaye des morts you can buy Miniplanets for Megadrive If you missed the launch.


Created by Locomalito and Gryzor in 2010, it is an icon of the homebrew development. It brought back the mechanics of the videoadventures so classic in the 80’s microcomputers. A demanding game where you will have to control Jean Reymond, a  Cathar monk , to escape to a fatal fate at the hands of the Crusade knights who want to hunt him. It was originally released for PC and then ported to a multitude of systems. Tour the author's website for more information:

Página Locomalito


Consists of editing with high quality materials from L'Abbaye des morts, and consists of: 

  • High quality black plastic box
  • Reversible cover 
  • 16 pages Booklet (Spanish, English or French) full color, with prologue of @ Locomalito and @ Gryzor87 
  • Postcard of gratitude 
  • Cartridge black screwed high quality with sticker


We worked very hard to get to this edition, fussing to the last detail, made with great enthusiasm, is the one we would like to see on the shelf. You will find: 

cardboard box, finish in matte, with details in embossed glitter. PlayOnRetro format. 

  • Cardboard box, finish in matte, with details in embossed glitter. PlayOnRetro format. 
  • Poster  
  • Postcard of gratitude 
  • A mysterious envelope sealed and closed
  • "Fabularium", art Book of 16 pages full color, with illustrations of the enemies of the game. 
  • High quality black plastic box 
  • Reversible cover
  • 6 pages booklet (Spanish, English or French) full color, with prologue of @Locomalito and @Gryzor87 
  • Bag with logo stamped in metallic ink gilded
  • Black cartridge screwed high quality with sticker

You may buy the great illustration book art "Fabularium", created by Masterklown, with ilustratios of all enemies in the game, 16 pages of pure art. This book is included in Deluxe edition

También puedes adquirir de forma independiente el genial libro de ilustraciones creado por Masterklown "FABULARIUM" (incluido en la edición Deluxe) de forma independiente. 16 páginas con ilustraciones de este artista, que recrea a todos los enemigos del juego.

We want from this moment to thank all who have collaborated to make this edition possible, because with their selfless work and dedication for months have made possible that today you can buy L'Abbaye des morts for Megadrive (Locomalito, Gryzor, Mun, Darkhorace, Fran, Dani Nevado, Alfonso, Igor, Gerardo, Manuel Gómez, Manuel Millán, Rubén, Bruce, Stef, José Zanni, David Lara , Leander, Jose Antonio, Borja, Migue, Salva, Ricky and Felipe), but above all ... thanks to you! 


Also take advantage to vindicate the game of @ Sikthehedgehog and offer you the possibility of acquiring it if you have not already done. An innovative, beautiful and fun puzzle game where you must go from planet to planet rescuing the children of Qisha. IT´s exactly the same edition thatn forst time it was sold.


Consists of edition with high quality materials from Miniplanets, and consists of: 

  • High quality black plastic box
  • Reversible cover 
  • 16 pages Booklet (Spanish or English) full color
  • Postcard of gratitude 
  • Translucent violet Cartridge  screwed high quality with sticker

Miniplanets Deluxe edition

DELUXE Edition (€39.99) 

Very dear for those who have been able to do with it, in this edition you will be able to find the following: 

  • Cardboard box, finished in glitter. PlayOnRetro format. 
  • Poster 
  • Thank you postcard 
  • Keychain 3d with Qisha and the game logo
  • High quality black plastic box 
  • Reversible cover 
  • 16 pages Booklet (Spanish or English) full color
  • Translucent violet Cartridge  screwed high quality with sticker

Miniplanets Deluxe Edition

In addition, with the previous experience of Miniplanets, we have taken note and we will send the games in a nice cardboard boxes, personalized, to protect them as much as possible. If you had problems with Miniplanets, please send E-mail to playonretro@gmail.com and we will send you a new and protected. 

Custom Mailing Box

We offer the possibility to make the ordinary shipment, certified (recommended), urgent and certified / urgent (Spain and Europe). We can not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused during transportation. We recommend the certified delivery in order to locate the order at all times.

Important: Our games are multi-region, not the shells, which are compatible with all consoles except Asian. If you have any of them, please inform us and we will enclose a housing compatible with your region.

You may contact us pushing in any of the following buttons:

We start!

04 de septiembre de 2017

We start this exciting adventure, will we reach our goal?

- Deluxe edition confirmed!! .... THANKS A LOT!! YOU ARE GREAT!!!

- we updated the campaign video with other with sound


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