Transylvanian Castle


Transylvanian Castle

This is an RPG game of very simple, intuitive and with a very direct gameplay, which can be a perfect initiation for novice players in this type of games, while it will delight the most experienced adventurers.

In this game we play Professor Van Helsing, who in order to be cured of a curse that weighs on him, must go through Count Dracula's castle, finish him off, recover the key to the castle and escape before the 3-day deadline in which the curse will be activated.

To do this we must go through the castle and face different types of enemies, each with different characteristics, which can save objects that will be very useful, such as potions, weapons, protection items and other objects that we can collect and use.

We can also encounter other types of enemies called, such as the Werewolf, The Mummy or Frankenstein that will need the use of a special object to kill each of them.